Meet Antwoinette Ayers-Walker

Antwoinette is a proud product of East St. Louis,Illinois. Antwoinette attended East St. Louis Sr. High School class of 2005 later to become a successful entrepreneur. Antwoinette has worked in the field of Cosmetologist for 10 years.Sheis the Owner and Operator of Dam-A-Edge Goods which is a vintage online reslae shop. She is also the Creator and Producer of The monologue series The Wardrobe Keeper.Which is availble on Youtube. In addition, She is the Creator of the #WIVESMATTER FORUM movement.In November she will be hosting the 2nd annual experience for women as we focus on flourishing in our lifes purposes. More over, she also host Vision Board parties to individuals,groups and corporation looking to stretch themselves or others, to see past their now situations and accomplished their goals.Her newest education added to her portfolio is becoming certified Paraprofessional. Through her network connections in St. Louis,she attended and graduated from The Kauffman FastTrac program taught by Mark Allen and offered by St. Louis Economic Delevolpment Partnership. Antwoinette is always open to growing and learning bigger and better things. Her motto is “God’s gift to you is your talent and your gift back to God is what you do with your talent”-Unknown. Favorite saying #MOVEFOWARD AND FEAR NOT!