Free Webinar: Preparing for Your Small Business Loan

Hosted By: Amanda Gant

Date / Time: 7/20 @ 1:00 PM

Join this webinar if you are seeking funding (or hope to one day seek funding) for your business. You’ll learn insights from Amanda Gant, Loan Officer and Underwriter at Latino Economic Development Center – the DMV’s most prolific small business lender, having processed 153 small business loans in 2016 alone. The top lessons you’ll learn are:

  • Types of businesses that are more likely to get funding and how YOU can be that business.
  • What is a CDFI, and how is it different from a bank, and what that means for my business.
  • Documents you’ll need and why.
  • Types of questions to expect
  • Top things you should prepare for to ensure your business gets the funding it needs

The Latino Economic Development Center is currently helping to connect great entrepreneurs from the DC-MD-VA area with microloans (in the US market that means $5,000-$50,000) to launch or grow their businesses. 

Amanda Gant

Gant has a wealth of experience in working directly with entrepreneurs. She has organized startup tech programs such as venture pitch competitions, virtual mentorship, hackathons and training boot camps for entrepreneurs from emerging economies around the globe – always ensuring program sustainability and relevance. In all, she has assisted over 1000 entrepreneurs and 205 ventures from around the globe that have collectively raised over $32 million in capital and employ nearly 2000 people. Gant seeks to partner with others around the globe to share opportunities for entrepreneurs and private sector development in emerging economies. Now, as a Loan Officer and Underwriter, Gant recruits, coaches and underwrites the loan packages. If she can help you or anyone you know to learn more about small business finances, feel free to email her at