Meet Michellene Barrett
As a high school senior, Michellene Barrett published her first juvenile fiction book Englisha and David’s Adventurous Vacation. The story of Englisha and David is about two teens who embark on a journey of independence and self-discovery where they learn the value of love, forgiveness and living life to the fullest. In the fourth grade, Michellene began writing stories about the adventures of Englisha and David. Her classmates would gather around and listen to her. They would say, “Michellene, you need to be a published author!” Right there in her classroom, her desire to be a writer was born. Michellene began her quest to becoming a published author and eight years later, it became a reality.

On April 13th, 2016, Michellene had a book launch for her second book Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends Forever? at Barnesandnoble bookstore in New York City. Her second book follows the main characters who are now high school seniors who try to navigate relationship and friendship issues. Book 2 of the Englisha series provides strategies and solutions to address the issue of bullying. This book was featured in Brooklyn Family magazine.

Michellene Barrett graduated from Columbia University Teachers College with a masters degree in Literacy and she currently teaches at an elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. Her goal has always been to encourage children to read by creating engaging text.