Meet Corey Cooper!

Inventor of the Improved Safety Jacket

After the untimely death of his brother due to a motorcycle accident, Corey looked to prevent the same hurt that he experienced.

Who is Corey Cooper?

I am a product of Mobile Al, born and raised. I’m a son, a father, educator, inventor, and a little bit of all of the above. I am a former athlete that traded it in to use my intellectual side.

-Tell us more about launch jackets and how you came up with the concept?

The product came up after my brother’s accident. He got a bike one week, I was suppose to get mine the next. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because he died. At that point I begin to wonder what could I have done to help changed the outcome. I begin to do research. That’s when I found out there weren’t many products that could assist bike riders with safety precautions.

After I got the coroners report, and started doing more research, I found that most riders are thrown forward, especially inexperienced riders. Even the experienced riders who know how to land bikes properly are not always successful.  When you start playing with gravity on any level, its dangerous. This is what really helped me come up with the idea.

-What has been the most challenging aspect of getting your invention patented?

The patent process wasn’t hard at all; it was just submitting the paperwork in a timely manner. The expenses were an uphill battle if anything. Coming from a low income, single parent area, it’s hard to pool money together. I had to not care about what others thought, most people where I am from look at you crazy or down talk you when you have an idea “out of the box”. I couldn’t listen to that nor care. I just kept grinding.

-Any advice for black or minority inventors?

Mainly, focus on the product. Don’t focus on all the other stuff. Come up with a consumer ready finished product. Also, don’t sell out! There will be a lot of opportunities where you can take quick cash deal, that seem high dollar and in the grand scheme of things, they really are not.  

-How can interested readers keep up with you and your invention?  

Youtube, instagram, facebook Corey Cooper

This interview is part of a larger project submitted by Justin Sims.